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Cosmoline – Detergents and Toiletries in Malta

Cosmoline Limited was founded in September 1989 and since then it has been trading in detergents and toiletries.

Cosmoline Limited is known mostly for its range of Nonna Piu’ products which have gained a good reputation around the Maltese Islands. Along the years, Cosmoline introduced other brands amongst which Tesoro Mio which built up its own success. Today the production of these top quality detergents, is being made in the modern premises composed of factory, laboratory, warehouses and offices.

High quality products at competitive prices

Our market strategies help us to attain important information on customer needs thus enable us to cater for customers’ requirements. One of the most basic concept that established our range of products is high quality products at competitive prices

Innovation and excellence

This is the philosophy that has built Cosmoline from its foundations and that it enable us to continue improving our established products. We liaise a lot with our suppliers around the world to continue evolving our products. Numerous tests of these innovations are made in the laboratory situated in our premises. Cosmoline is constantly searching new ideas which in return give way for improvement and innovative products. This is the reason why it is always ahead of times and mostly of its competitors. A keen eye is kept on market strategy, thus enabling the company to withstand direct competition.

Quality and Technology

Cosmoline is equipped with the latest technological machinery, which guarantees good standard in every phase of the production. Machinery is updated and replaced regularly to ensure the highest standard at all times.

Individual attention to customers

Cosmoline personnel listen carefully to and work closely with its customers. We gain a thorough understanding of the customers’ requirements with regards to products performance and needs. Our customer services department note down every suggestion from our customers which will then be used at a later stage- the stage when creating new products.

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News & Tips

NEW – Amore Mio Shower Gel

Tuesday, 24th November, 2020

We are launching a restyled shower gel Amore Mio heavenly fresh.   We have been working so hard in restyling the visual effect but also improving formulation and fragrance.  A unisex shower gel that cleans and refreshes your skin.

Tesoro Mio Fushion Concentrated 2ltrs

Friday, 26th June, 2020

We would like to introduce a new product to the Tesoro Mio fabric softereners concentrated family.

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