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Tesoro Mio Floor Detergents Concentrated

Tesoro Mio Floor Cleaner leaves floors sparkling and streak-free with no harmful chemicals.

It’s also great for other surfaces around the home including kitchen & bathroom. It’s rich formula gives a natural clean that’s healthier for you, your family and the environment.  This special concentrated formula deep cleans your surfaces and will leave an enjoyable fragrance for a long period of time.

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NEW – Amore Mio Shower Gel

Tuesday, 24th November, 2020

We are launching a restyled shower gel Amore Mio heavenly fresh.   We have been working so hard in restyling the visual effect but also improving formulation and fragrance.  A unisex shower gel that cleans and refreshes your skin.

Tesoro Mio Fushion Concentrated 2ltrs

Friday, 26th June, 2020

We would like to introduce a new product to the Tesoro Mio fabric softereners concentrated family.

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